The simple principles of atonement offered by Ho'oponopono are a gift from the Creator so that we may take our rightful place on Earth and enjoy a life of peace, joy, abundance and good health-not just for some, but for everyone.
Our role on earth is of caretakers-taking care of the animals, the land and of each other. Through Ho'oponopono the Creator has given us the opportunity to repair damage.

Women's Empowerment Circle
Weekend Intensive

Rise up Majik Women! Remember who you are.
Women be the Medicine for the World. It is time for the Shift!
Heal Yourself. Heal the World. Live in Majik. Here is How.

Thursday, August 17, 7:30-9:30pm
Free Satsang - Ecstasy & Liberation, The Path of the Mother
Janice Craig 808-346-1838 

Healing Relationships,

 Family and our Self
with Family Constellations

Facilitated by
John Dore, Ph.D.
*Friday July 1st 7:15 p.m
$10 Introduction and Demo
*Saturday July 2nd 1-6
Constellations Workshop
Group fee $50
Individual Constellations July 3-8
Private fee $80.00

Family constellations are a new, unique way to resolve emotional issues, and to help heal physical conditions.  They offer solutions for trauma, conflicts, addictions, anxiety and other problems.  Constellations engage a natural healing process, and activate the energy field of family ancestors.  Family members, especially children, often unconsciously “carry” pain for the family –e.g., the daughter who suffers her mother’s depression with her; the son who “carries” his father’s anger to stay bonded; the grandchild’s symptom rooted in grandparents’ secrets.          

Each family system has its own conscience, and it demands balance and justice across generations.  Constellations reveal how illness, failure, addictions, conflicts, etc. are often rooted in past family events such as abuse, adoption, crime, abortion, cruelty and other dysfunctions. 

For more info, see, email or call: 520-906-1768